'Sick Note' Postcard Vinyl (1940's lathe cut)

from Brightr

A postcard, a vinyl single of Sick Note, a weird piece of Brightr memorabilia, whatever you wanna call it, here it is.

Stupidly rare, only a few left. Get involved!


A Few Notes About Lathe Cut Records from my label boss and chief Mr Jamie Mallinder - August 12 2017

When you buy a lathe cut - you are holding a unique musical artifact. Each of these lathe cut records was made, one at a time, in real-time, on a 1940's record lathe.

It was cut onto polycarbonate plastic (plexiglass) a material intended to be used as point of sale displays and un-breakable windows, not records. Therefore, the fidelity of these records is different to that of a traditional record. A small amount of pop and crackle is an unfortunate and inevitable part of the cut, but with the plastic also builds up static electricity, which attracts dust and causes additional noise. To remove the dust and static from your lathe cut records use a dry, lint free cotton cloth and wipe along the grooves. Lowering the highest frequencies on the EQ of your stereo will also help reduce noise. Because of the hardness of the material, the grooves are also shallower than its mass-produced counterpart. This means that these records do not play well on all turntables. When possible, adjust the tonearm weight and anti-skate to improve tracking. All of these records have been play tested to ensure that they do not skip on a properly calibrated turntable.

These records will NOT harm your turntable or needle, and will NOT degrade after multiple plays.

Sold Out


Brightr Newport, UK

Wonderfully blending pretty little melodies with the gloomiest of gloom. Woo! Woo! All aboard the pain train ;) I am Brightr, it's a pleasure to meet you!


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